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Gestpay is now Axerve E-commerce Solutions
Gestpay is now Axerve E-commerce Solutions
E-commerce Solutions

Choose your version of Axerve E-commerce Solutions

With our solution you can manage every payment and receive your money on the business day after the settlement!

Our price plans respond to all your needs, find out which one is the right one for you and get started right away.


Monthly fee


€ 15 + VAT

Starting from €100 +VAT

Activation costs ( one-off)

€ 16

€ 166

Cost for transaction

3% + € 0,35

3% **

Cost for transaction

Accepts payments with MyBank, Masterpass, UnionPay and HYPE

Online dashboard

Payments by call center

3D Secure protection

Plugins for e-commerce platforms You can integrate Axerve E-commerce Solutions with the main CMS platforms thanks to the open-source plug-ins we developed for Magento, WooCommerce, PrestaShop and Demandware.

Accepts PayPal payments

Accepts payments with alternative payment methods
Visit the dedicated web page

Multi-currency payments *

Multi-language checkout

Customizable reporting

Customized checkout *

Accept Apple Pay and/or Amazon Pay payments *

Recurring payments *

Axerve Guaranteed Payment protection * Axerve Guaranteed Payment is the innovative fraud prevention system based on artificial intelligence.

Automation of: authorization, capture and cancellation, refund , card-check, transaction state verification *

Automated call center payments It is possible to set an automatic response service through API.

Cash-in and accounting management automation

* Additional activation cost and/or monthly fee needed.
** The fee varies according to transactions volumes.


Still have doubts about Axerve E-commerce Solutions price plans? Here are the answers to the most commonly asked questions:

Is it possible to try/test Axerve E-commerce Solutions?

You can try all the Axerve E-commerce Solutions functions for free by using the test codes you can get HERE.

What happens if I don’t make any transaction for a month or a year?

If you choose to suspend your online commercial activity, no matter the period of time, we keep the service active without any cost or penalty.

Where are payments transferred to? Do I need a bank account with Banca Sella?

You can credit the payments on any Italian bank account, not necessarily Banca Sella. If you are a foreign company, contact us and we will find together the solution that best suits your needs.

How can I choose the Axerve E-commerce Solutions plan that best suits my business?

We created 3 price plans aiming to the most common needs of those who start an e-commerce for the first time, those who wish to offer a more evolved payment experience and those companies that have more complex needs.
If the table in this page doesn’t help you, contact us and we will assist you in the decision process.